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Welcome to our website for Professionals!



These are just a few additional resources available to aid in the application of the BAUD. Feel free to contact us with any feedback or other resources you feel useful.


There are three videos showing Dr. Lawlis applying the BAUD to cigarette smoking cessation, public speaking phobia and anxiety reduction. Be sure to check them out!

Still have yet to hear from anyone wanting to "chat" with Dr. Lawlis... So please contact us with a date/time if/when you would like to participate.

Professionals, we appreciate you interest in our product/technology. The simplicity and impact is stunning. We have had much success where people have learned how to use the BAUD themselves; however, the objectivity provided by a therapist is a key to the BAUD contributing to a person success at problem resolution. Thus, our focus is to develop our professionals.


Check out these resources available to you:


  1. Training Presentations

  2. Case Studies

  3. Clinical Study



If you want to participate in a chat session with Dr. Lawlis, contact us. If you want to attend a seminar in Dallas on BAUD training, contact us. If you want to have Dr. Lawlis come out and visit to teach you and your team about the BAUD, contact us. The key here... contact us!

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