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ADD - First subject

          Everyone has a first study subject and similar to others, he came as part of the Dr. Phil Show. The story was that the subject (age 9) was in the third grade and his mother came to the conclusion that she would no longer give her son medication for his lack of attention. Because the federal law prohibiting school sanctions for lack of medications for ADD, the school ruled that he could not attend class without it. She was fighting the school board on the grounds that her son could not be refused education because of a parentís decision not to give her son medication.

          She and her son came to the show for support, and Dr. Phil referred him to me for evaluation and working some agreement with the school board. The evaluation did show theta frequency in his frontal lobe functioning based on EEG tracing.


          A technician using a portable EEG set up conducted the BAUD EEG intervention. The location was set on the Cz placement. Using the bands of frequencies seen in different colors, the technician asked the subject to attempted to lower the Theta frequency, which was dominant< by turning the knobs. No instruction was given as to which knobs or what order. The subject played around with the frequencies he was hearing from the BAUD in some order likely, although the technician did not observe to note how systematic he was. However, as the theta frequency began to descend, the Beta began to rise.

          Shifting focus from the Theta measure to the Beta line, the subject began to tweak the sounds to maximize this power of this signal. He was successful in elevating the Beta signal as the dominant factor by the end of the first session. Two other sessions showed similar patterns.


          The boy returned to the school with a report from me that I would recommend using the BAUD to see if his behavior could be changed without need for medication. If he continued to be disruptive to the class and the teacher, additional assessments would be made, including medication. I attended teacher meetings where the application of the BAUD, when given, by whom, and how often were discussed.

          The subject was given admission to the school and he performed very well. In essence the BAUD was approved by the Board as an alternative to medication (as long as it worked). However, further challenges by the mother on other matters (a zealous advocate) created some conflicts in other areas, and after a successful year, she and her son moved to another school. From positive reports, the new school approved the BAUD, but after a short period, financial difficulties forced the family back to the original school.

          Follow up monthly reports occurred for three years. The reports give consistent results that as long as the subject used the BAUD appropriately. However, he has had to be supplied with three new devices because of damage in playing.           

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