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ADD – senior graduate

          The subject was interesting because he was given no training, only a cursory explanation. Yet his story bears telling for its simplicity with great results. A fellow colleague who was director of a large addiction center inquired about the use of the BAUD for ADD. He was interested primarily because his son had been struggling with lack of concentration all of his school years. Medication was to no avail, and he was in trouble.

The subject’s father reported that his son had flunked his senior year and was not allowed to graduate due to poor performance. He was in summer school with dim hopes of completing the grades for completion.

I gave him a BAUD with instructions of increasing his brain frequencies into the LoBeta range and lowering the theta. However, he admitted to me later that he gave it to his son and his instructions amounted to: “Take this, son, and use whenever you have school work. Turn it to whatever frequency that helps you the most.”

He later reports that his son stops using it because it was too loud and it just sounds like static. To this, the father reportedly told him to use it anyway, especially when he was reading. Which the son apparently took it seriously enough and actually found it helpful. He reported that it helped keeping other people from distracting him. The headphones were a signal that he was busy.

Although I cringed at his method, I figured that it served one purpose at least. However, fast-forward two months and the father reported a huge success. His son had made straight As and would graduate in time to go to college. His son had written a paper and the faculty received it so well that it was placed in a competition for a scholarship. He won the competition and received a full tuition scholarship to this college for the fall.

In two years since, he is still making As and uses the BAUD every weeknight. His father attributes his success to the BAUD.  

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