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Cravings - French Fries

         The subject was a person who simply asked for help for her cravings of French fries. She reported that she had begun her cravings since her last pregnancy (estimated to be 12 years) and has never gone. No major disruptions of quality of life were noted.


    After balancing the stereophonic stimulations and adjusting the volume for comfort, the following dialogue was transcribed:

          TH: “When you feel the craving, where do you feel it?”

          S: “In my stomach and, I guess, in my head. I get obsessive.”

          TH: “I want you to adjust this knob (upper right) and tell me when you feel a sensation in your stomach.”

          The subject turned the knob and stopped turning it abruptly. “I can feel it in my stomach.”

          TH: “Okay, I want to ramp up your craving. I want you to image French fries in front of you. When you feel the sensation, turn this knob (upper left) until that craving is gone.”

          S: The subject slowly turned the knob and stopped. “They are gone.”

          TH: “Keep testing yourself. See what will happen. Do some deep breathing.”

          S: “They are gone.”


          Follow up of four years indicates no craving, despite another pregnancy.  No other cravings have emerged.


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