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June 4th CHAT


Clinical Study






June 4th CHAT

[DrLawlis] Hey Kim. What's up?
[KimC] Had a success w/ the BAUD with a long term client who is
[KimC] also a friend---working on depression--she felt
[KimC] totally empowered---by the end of the training/session
[KimC] was doing all of the adjustment herself
[DrLawlis] That is great! Please tell us what you did generally.
[KimC] she says the lift in her depression has lasted
[KimC] I helped her access the feeling in her body--she did not like humming the tone
[KimC] but could easily find the tone on the BAUD that heightened the feelings
[KimC] and then she used the other knob to erase the feeling
[KimC] Her's was layered with several feelings so after we tried it together a couple of times she just took off
[KimC] She mostly needed my help to pinpoint where the feelings originated--childhood etc.
[DrLawlis] That is great and very appreciated. I think that the clinical part is the critical piece to making it work.
[KimC] Thanks!
[DrLawlis] I would like to share a similar case with OCD.
[KimC] Cool
[DrLawlis] What worked with this patient when she could not find the feeling in her body was when I asked her to tell me about the "voice" that told her to do the things she was doing irrationally.
[KimC] Could she then "find" the voice?
[DrLawlis] This was a classic hand-washing, 2.5 hgours in the shower, case, and the mother brought her in, almost against her wished to go outside.
[DrLawlis] So we settled on the voice that seemed to talk her into the anxieties ("Did you wash that hand right? Did you turn off the stove? Did you touch that correctly?"
[DrLawlis] Most OCDs will admit to that little voice making her very anxious. So I descibed the right knob like a radio frequency beam, and as she was listening, she could tune it in to be better received.
[DrLawlis] She quickly acknowledged success, but it was a bit irrtitating. I think by bringing that in better, she could better understand it and I might could have done a dialogue at that point. I could easily have had her ask the annoucer why he was making her do ...but I figured that was for another day maybe.
[KimC] Was she then able to use it to "quiet" the voice?
[DrLawlis] Then, with the annoucer going full blown, she dialed it out with the left knob. Interestedly she was not as relieved as I would have expected, but then I had to realize that she might be lonely without this voice giving her directions for lessening her anxiety.
[DrLawlis] Therefore, we worked a lot on relaxation afterwards to control the anxiety directly two weeks and counting.
[KimC] 2 weeks and counting w/ no voice and decreased anxiety?
[DrLawlis] Yes, she has no compulsions, but this has been a chronic deal for years and I know that she will need something when she has another trigger for anxiety. Of course, she can use the bAUD again, but she needs to lower her original issue for keeps. She is using the EmWave for that purpose. However, the EEG showed that she had the best relaxation
[DrLawlis] When her brain waves were in the LoBeta range (concentration). This makes sense because she gets anxious when she can't concentrate. So I calibrated the BAUD on a settring in which her brain waves were stimulated to register in that range.
[DrLawlis] So now she is using trhe BAUD for additional purpose, to stimulate her concentration, which lowers her anxiety.
[DrLawlis] This is called ",multi-tasking the BAUD.
[KimC] you mean stimulating concentration to lower anxiety is the multi-tasking
[KimC] Is it possible to have that kind of success w/o the EEG?
[DrLawlis] Using the BAUD to break the obsessive thinking and using it to lower anxiety.
[KimC] I tend to work intuitively and could feel energy shift in my client before she reported results.
[DrLawlis] That is the best way.
[KimC] Good---are there situations/DX's where I should refer someone for the EEG or can I just rely on intuition?
[DrLawlis] When ADD or problems with concentration are the complaints, an EEG ure makes it easy to find the specific frequencies to perk up the brain. You can use your intuition, however.
[KimC] I would like to ask a question about a child I am working with unless you want to share more about this client.
[DrLawlis] Tell us, please.
[KimC] She has a dx of encephelopathy--I see her as an OT for sensory issues. She is...
[KimC] 5 and she presents with lots of impulsivity--she does not process visual information well...
[KimC] she can perseverate on an idea...she is highly distractible esp w/ other children in clinic...
[KimC] My question would be how to help her use the BAUD when she has no insight into most of those issues---ie could not ask her to adjust the BAUD until you feel less distracted, etc...?
[DrLawlis] Is this from birth or trauma?
[KimC] from birth I believe---mom did not tell me of birth trauma, but did not report any brain trauma after birh
[KimC] I have seen developmental progress from OT, speech and some nutritional/chiropractic work
[KimC] She is also extremely cooperative and would try anything once.
[DrLawlis] Then we have a problem in developmental capacities. I doubt that she could discriminate the frequencies well enough to know what she was looking for, and the EEG might help but she is too young to have norms for the EEG. I am afarid we are stuck until she gets older.
[KimC] How old can you start?
[DrLawlis] We have had success at age 6, but these were kids with pretty good abilities and were having problems concentrating. I suspect that she has problem with the cerebellum connections in maturation, which you probably know more than I am about using movement and rhythm to increase these developments, plus B6 and B12 and Niacin. These can help bring her to a better point where the BAUD would be helpful at the frontol lobe.
[KimC] Thanks!
[KimC] Another question?
[DrLawlis] sure
[KimC] I have been using the BAUD for myself for working on feeling unloved...
[KimC] in relationship to my husband. I have good success, but then if we have...
[KimC] another exchange that same day I find myself "collapsing' again..
[KimC] after working with my friend, I wondered if there was something that I am not getting to by myself because I seemed to be able to help her more than I can help myself--are there some things that one needs help with or is it a matter of persistence?
[DrLawlis] Tell me about your "collapse" issue. But the answer is that another person always adds persepctive and wisdom.
[KimC] My husband is going thru a rough time and when he is can be very blaming in his communication--he also works...
[KimC] many hours. So the combination of not getting much of his time right now in addition to blaming, harsh words creates feeling of not mattering/feeling cared for...
[KimC] in other words I take it personally instead of knowing it is a rsult of where he is.
[KimC] So the collapse is feeling like a victim, sorry for myself, etc.
[DrLawlis] I have a suggestion that might sound weird but may do wonders. Go buy a "Y" conection for your ear phones so that both of you have opprotunity to hear the same tones from the BAUD. Then the both of you find some level of tones that both of you agree to be pleasing (It doesn not make difference what they are.) Then, both of you listen to the tones at the same time until you feel that you aregetting a "connection" to others' feeling.
[KimC] It does not sound weird to me! If he is agreeable I will try it.
[KimC] If not...?
[DrLawlis] You will likely feel it first, so be patient. When he feels something akin to softness or feels more tender. Turn it off. See if both of you begin to feel that you can tell what the other is talking abotu and can almost finish the other sentences.
[KimC] That would be wonderful. Thanks.
[DrLawlis] Just allow the normal communications take place, and see if there is a heightened empathy.
[KimC] Empathy...that is what I am wanting and having a hard time finding when I have the perception I am being attacked...Thanks.
[DrLawlis] The research for this goes back tot he 70s when two peoiple were hooked up to EEG and reinforced to make the patterns look alike. They began to get empathic.
[DrLawlis] Got to run for now, but try it and see what happens. Thanks a ton for your participation and case study today.
[KimC] Thanks! Bye

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