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May 14th CHAT


Clinical Study






May 14th CHAT...


[DrLawlis] Welcome Jill, do you have any specific questions that will get us started?
[JK] Yes. It seems aas though ther are many uses for the BAUD beyond cravings. What is hte best way to determine how to
use the device?
[DrLawlis] Usually it comes as a requested need from the patient. For example, I just came from a meeting with Match.com
on a protocol that will help communications between two people using the BAUD.
[JK] How would it help communication?
[DrLawlis] If you hook two people to the BAUD (with a Y-connection) and they find a wave frequency that feels pleasing to
both, if they listen to it for ten minutes, they begin to have super-conscious communication because they have found a
commun frequency if brain patterns. Sounds weird, but the Greens and William Braud discovered this many years ago when
they hooked people up to find similar brain waves.
[DrLawlis] Back to your question, I generally look at BAUD application into two categories - attempoting to quieten fear
or anxiety responses or to stop the positive emotional responses, such as addictions. The other application is speeding
up or slowing the brain to more approrpiate levels, such as ADD or anxiety.
[JK] Wow that's fantastic. This could hepl create peace with willing partcicpants!!!
[DrLawlis] Many people perceive "love" with this new connection, closer than sex.
[DrLawlis] Maybe we could get the Arabs and our world to try it.
[JK] I am a psychotherpaist just beginning my own practice Are ther trainings to help learn to use the device or is it as
easy as it sounds?
[DrLawlis] Most of my clients lately have been dealing with life-long anxieties starting in childood and reacting with
[DrLawlis] You have to know that this is a tool of therapy, and you need to learn to use it along with your style of
counseling. Would you descibe your style as cognitive or something else?
[JK] Ecclectic
[DrLawlis] Coulod you give me an idea of one of your approaches philosophically so I can thread the BAUD into it.
[JK] Last week I worked iwth a woman who realized she was trying to control her husbands drinking. We identifed this and
she immedicately surrnedered in tears. Now she wonders if her own drinking might replace to need to control his. I just
meet poeple where they are and attmept to address the issue with accpentacen and compassion
[DrLawlis] Do you know why she is self-medicating herself? anxiety, depression, old self doubts, etc?
[JK] Probably anxiety
[DrLawlis] What I have found is that there is usually a paralyzing emotion that blocks out effective problem-solving and
rational thinking of good choices for life. ..
[DrLawlis] If she is having anxiety, then what I would do is to use toe BAUD to erase the emotion (anxiety) that is
creating the log jam. ..
[JK] Oh so addressing the emotion using the BAUD could help. Do you see it helping chronic patterns?
[DrLawlis] Everytime. What I do is locate the emotion in the body or in the consciousness by using the upper right pitch.
This sound may even make the anxiety worse when it is felt. Then I use the left upper knob to erase the emotion.
[DrLawlis] When the emotion is released, then they can move forward.
[JK] This is fantastic. Have you seen people sabatoge even after using the BAUD
[DrLawlis] Without the emotion to become baggage, there is no need to sabotage their growth.
[JK] A true helaing method. I'm ready to use it on myself!!!
[DrLawlis] It is harder to do that way, but many have.
[JK] Do you think a trained psychotherpaist could just jumop right in a begin using it?
[DrLawlis] Yes, if you can use in in conjointion with your own practice. It is a tool that can be used in a number of
ways, and it is the creativity of using it within your own sense of what works. It is experience that makes it work best.
[JK] Tahnk you so much for the iformation. Ia m also a music therapist and truly appreciate the use of tone/sound. I have
seen ti facilitate miracles!
[DrLawlis] Then yu know the basics. All ofthis comes from the impact of rythtm and brain functions.
[JK] What led U to create this device?
[DrLawlis] I wanted to learn the healing methods of our ancestors, which brought through drum rhythms and learning how
healingt worked before we bought the pill. Being an old guy I have used a lot of tools to learn the basics.
[JK] Well Thak U for creating htis tool. I will be pruchasing 1 soon and look forward to learning to use it and sharing
my succuses with u and others.!!
[Administrator] JK, be sure to check out the quick start guide on the main website!
[Administrator] www.baudenergetics.com
[JK] I sure will. Thank U very much!!!

[kimc] I have some questions--one is how do you address an issue with multiple feelings---can it be done in one session?
[DrLawlis] That is a tough one because when a person comes in they usually want everything done at once. Then they get
them mixed up. What I do is try to specify the most urgent of feelings. This may take some therapy to uncover it, so you
might start with a superficial one first. For example, I just got through with a lady who has stress in her neck and
throat due to anxiety about some old issues of expressiong herself, and a deep anxiety in her stomach. When I strated
with the neck, she immediately felt stress in her stomach and fears of \never being enough.
[kimc] So is it better to work w/ the feeling/s that one can currently identify or to trace it back to the past?
[DrLawlis] That seems to be the way that works for me.
[DrLawlis] I don't know if it is that important to identify the basic fear, per se.
[kimc] So if there is an issue, say where the client has grief, anger, confusion and powerlessness, you would suggest
staying w/ just one of them in the session and trying to track it back and then erase w/ the BAUD
[DrLawlis] Yes, I have found that the emotion that traps the thinking process into old habits. So when you erase an
emotion it allows the person to think more clearly about other emotions. As you unleash the energy, the pe4rson begins to
feel some joy slipping thorough.
[DrLawlis] Hi Jeannette
[kimc] ok so to make it efficient/effective the the therapist needs to help id the most paralyzing emotion---then how
would the person do homework w/ the BAUD?
[Jeannette] Hi Dr. Lawlis...I'm very new to all of this..just got my Baud
[DrLawlis] I would have them do some images of the problems they have been having and with the emotion erased, begin to
look at the problem without the limiting emotion. They will do that naturally anyway, but it is good to encoruage them.
[DrLawlis] The BAUD is so new that it is new to everyone.
[kimc] then as they do that they would use the BAUD to anchor the experience?
[DrLawlis] Yes, and I usualy have them do some breathing relaxatiuon exercises at the same time so the experience is
experienced in its most relaxing time.
[Jeannette] I will just be monitoring today as I haven't had the chance to barly read the instructions!
[kimc] Thanks--will let Jeanette ask a question
[DrLawlis] The brain is most efficient when it is receiving oxygen.
[DrLawlis] Jeanette, what's up?
[Administrator] Jeannette, if you get a chance, check out the quick start guide on the main website!
[Jeannette] That I will do...
[Administrator] Folks, our time is up... Same time next week Dr. Lawlis???
[kimc] ok, can you say more about how to use the BAUD to accentuate a positive change (if there is time)?
[kimc] Ok thanks and talk to you next week?
[Jeannette] See you next week
[DrLawlis] Just a quick clue. Breathing in long patterns will accentrate the positive response as quickly as anything I
know. You might want to look in The IQ Answer book for more specific breathing patterns.
[kimc] Thanks so much!!! Many Blessings.
[DrLawlis] Same time next week
[Jeannette] Yes!

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