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May 21st CHAT


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May 21st CHAT

[DrLawlis] Since you are the first, we can start off with any questions or comments you may want to make, Kim
[ksc] I have been using my BAUD alot and loving it. I would like to start using it with others. My question is about people who have difficulty accessing feelings--do you work with body sensations or do you rely on your intuition as a therapist to help them access feelings?
[DrLawlis] Both actually. You guessed that this is the hardest of the process points. For example, when I work with panic disorders,...
[DrLawlis] They are usually so afarid to get into their feelings because they fear losing control. I usually work with their breathing for a while until they can get in touch with their bodies and specific areas.
[ksc] So you use the BAUD to calm anxiety in that way so they can then feel more in control about accessing the panic
[DrLawlis] The main issue I have worked with is how to get them to get in touch with the sympathetic feelings and the tone, then it is easier to disrupt them into parasympathetic .
[ksc] Can you say more about that? I am not sue I understand how you would do that
[DrLawlis] The main idea is to get some separation between the sensation of pain and the emotions surrounding it. So I usually focus on the "suffering feelings (victimization, etc.)" and turn into this issue
[ksc] ok, so you help them work on how bad they feel about having anxiety first and then deal with the anxiety
[DrLawlis] People usually get frustrated if they exp[ect to become so relaxed as to not ffeel anything. Instead it is usually more productive to deal with the emotions that are sabotaging them...
[DrLawlis] Kim's concept is a workable one. This is like a cognitive model in which you work with the feelings aside from the event or direct experience.
[DrLawlis] Once they get the idea of removing the baggage of emotions, they can deal with the issues a lot better.
[DrLawlis] The main issue in chronic pain is the suffering and issues of self identity. Pain becomes simply a sensation that can be dealt with.
[DrLawlis] Of course, I use a lot of imagery and focus on the symbology of the pain.
[ksc] ok that is helpful; once someone is begins to feel as if they have some control over panic/anxiety then do you do a challenge, say going to a high rise and using the BAUD right there to help with claustrophobia?
[DrLawlis] Yes, I like to challenge their control because once the connections to the emotions have been erased, they discover they don't have to deal with uncertainty
[DrLawlis] For example, using the BAUD process for fear of flying...
[DrLawlis] I had this woman describe her panic attacks as she thought about flying. We focused not on flying but on her fear responses. Centered on her feelings of fear, she quickly discovered the harmonic...
[DrLawlis] of her fear emotions. Actually the pitch often builds up the anxiety once they find the tone on the BAUD, and that is when you know you got it...
[ksc] once she had it then she could erase it?
[DrLawlis] Then she erased the fear itself. She went flying the next two days and with follow up in a year and half she still enjoys the flying. However, there will always be scary things that happen.
[ksc] Does this help with the "fear thoughts" as well---that little voice that listens to every noise and says we are going to crash....!?
[DrLawlis] Yes, the voice is the one of the emotion. Once the emotion is separated, the voice goes away. On another note, I have had some people ...
[DrLawlis] have multiple sites for anxiety and fear. One woman finally located the fear in her throat and in her stomach. We chose the throat, but we discovered the more basic one was in her stomach. She was dealing with the crisis of having a husband who yelled at her...
[DrLawlis] Even though she had been married to him for 41 years, she still had that reactions. Now she doesn't react that way although her husband is still yelling.
[ksc] Cool--I am still finding it challenging at times to ID a primary feeling--I will apply the BAUD to some situation that I feel angry about---then the anger will dissipate and then I will notice grief--that lessens and then I may notice a new layer of anger---is that common or am I just not clearing it all the first time?
[DrLawlis] This happens when you are using it for yourself and finding that the BAUD "unwraps" the emotions to find deeper ones underneath. I think that you will find yourself gaining in energy as each of these release your soul from torment. You will be able to process without dealing with the baggage that clogs up the thinking process. Who knows? You might become our "enlighten one."
[ksc] That was my sense of how it works--very cool--it does feel like my soul is being released from torment---then I notice later having much more clarity of thinking
[DrLawlis] That was my manner of speaking. Please note that I can go into another world at times (ADD).
[ksc] I have also been playing with anchoring in the calm that comes with having erased an emotion using a heart centered form of meditation that I practice with good success
[DrLawlis] That helps anchor the stability of the mood.
[ksc] With the woman you spoke of before--how many sessions for her to stop reacting in fear--did she use the BAUD at home as well?
[ksc] the woman whose husband yelled
[DrLawlis] Exactly She was using it at the same time her husband came in. It was fun.
[ksc] so she used it to nip the reaction in the bud in present time--that must be very powerful
[DrLawlis] Yes, and she was in her late sixties and had 40 years years of reaction built up. I was amazed.
[ksc] I am curious for someone with such a long standing pattern in relationship I would think it might take much time--did it?
[DrLawlis] She did it in about 45 minutes, at least to shield her from the reactions.
[ksc] Wow--do people also then notice physical changes as well--say that in addition to the anxiety she would also get a stomachache--does that lessen as well?
[DrLawlis] But she still does not have a basic alternative of behavior to deal with her husband. Shge could use some counseling for that stage, probably.
[ksc] ok--so the BAUD helps with the extreme emotional reaction so that communication strategies, etc could be more effectively learned and applied?
[DrLawlis] As far as I have seen, the phsyical symptoms go away with the detached emotions. Blood pressure go down, muscle tension evaporates, etc.
[ksc] so the physical sx's can decrease w/o a specific focus on them thru biofeedback--very cool!
[DrLawlis] I have seen cancer tumors disappear.
[ksc] Wow--I cannot wait to come to a live training with you!! That is very exciting
[ksc] My daughter who is very bright has difficulty in school due to anxiety and stress--she is getting tutoring and her tutor is willing to learn to use the BAUD with my daughter so she does not need
[ksc] to have "therapy" with her mom--I keep seeing more and more applications each day
[DrLawlis] If she can use either her imagery or EEG so she can learn to up her concentration with the BAUD. She can really do her homework fast (1/2 the time is usual.
[ksc] Thanks so much for teaching about this tool
[ksc] do you mean visualize (imagery) doing it faster?
[DrLawlis] No, using imagery to locate the part of the brain (frontal lobe) that processes information, sort of a tone in your front head. Then use the BAUD to intensify that feeling (not dissolve it) and "wake up the brain.
[ksc] wow--when I just imaged my frontal lobe I could feel a right/left difference (will have to refresh my neuroanatomy) would I apply the BAUD for that as well?
[DrLawlis] yes, absolutely
[RichB] Checking in and saying hi!
[DrLawlis] Hi
[RichB] Are you in the middle of a topic or can I ask a question?
[DrLawlis] ask away
[RichB] I am relaying a question I received:I'm afraid the BAUD is not right for me. I purchased it to help deal with
[RichB] OOps, looks like it was too long.
[RichB] The question was on how to use the BAUD for stubborn refractory depression.
[DrLawlis] deal with
[DrLawlis] By "stubborn" I assume you are talking about depression that is chronic. Could you tell me more about the triggers and when you know it most?
[RichB] I wish I could. I might have to get more info from the questioner.
[RichB] All I know is that it is medication resistent.
[DrLawlis] Just for a model to think about. Depression comes in about 6 - 8 types. Each one takes a little different strategy for the BAUD. Then it is likely complicated with some toxicity or hormones. I would recommend two weeks of lemon water and "dancing..
[DrLawlis] By dancing, I mean taking some music and moving rhythmically to it for twenty minutes. This is not slow music..
[DrLawlis] It is more like drumming music (brent Lewis has great CDs like Earth tribe rhythums and I have some music from Mindbodyseries.com. These exercises will help stabilize the brain by balancing up hormones and detoxing.
[ksc] how much lemon water--how concentrated?
[DrLawlis] It depends on the individual. I use a half a lemon per glass, but lower concentrations will work. It is really good to pour into Perrier water as a mixer. Of course you can always get iced tea and add lemons like I do.
[DrLawlis] Then, the BAUD can be more sensitive for the person.
[ksc] is it hard to convince a severely depressed person to dance for 20 min!?
[RichB] Thanks, Dr. Lawlis. I will pass on the sugegstions and try to get more specific info on her triggers and symptoms.
[DrLawlis] Yea, but they will begin to like it once they get into it. The music and enthusiasm are keys.
[DrLawlis] I get my 90 year olds to dance every time and they love it.
[ksc] sure---Thanks so much--talk to you next time!
[DrLawlis] Until next time - Happy Trails

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