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May 7th CHAT


Clinical Study





  May 7th CHAT:

[ KC] I tried using it for feeling upset after a conflict w/ my husband
[DrLawlis] Do you have any central issues taht upset you?
[ KC] What I noticed was feeling a little spacey immediately afterword and more clarity later.
[DrLawlis] Those are feelings and reactions. Are there specific issues that briung about the anxieties in the fights?
[ KC] Sure, a feeling of not being loved/cared for---also have a healing practice and want to use it with clients once I get up to speed.
[DrLawlis] Let's practice on your issue. I am assuming that the feeling that really gets to you is unworthiness and feel of abandonment?
[ KC] Thanks, I would say abandoment and a feeling of being powerless to get what I want are the big ones
[DrLawlis] OK, let's work only on one emotion at a time that appears to limit you. If we wereto choose "unworthiness" then I would expect thhat you would have that emotion centered aroud your heart. Yes?
[DrLawlis] If you want to use the device now, feel free to to so.
[ KC] Ok, yes I do feel it around my heart--I will turn it on and try it as we go
[DrLawlis] Adjust the volume on both ears so yu can hear the sound in the middle of your head. Make it as loud as comfortable. Let me know when you are ready to move forward.
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[ KC] ok
[ KC] ready
[DrLawlis] Now turn the device off and let's play around with some harmonics. I would like for you to hum some tone that feels like it is vibrating or centered around your heart. Try some out, I find mine around F#.
[ KC] ok got it
[DrLawlis] OK, good. Now turn the upper right knob (pitch) so it is similar to your tone andprobably you will fell it as well.
[ KC] ok got it
[DrLawlis] Good. Excellent. Now thyis is the rough part. I want you to imgine a fight with your spouse in which you start feeling unworthy. See if the tone (pitch) relates to the emotion, maybe it will make it more intensive.
[ KC] ok this may sound weird, but as I imagine it, the tone seems to protect my heart from being hurt by what he says!
[DrLawlis] Great! That is very good. Now I want you to imagine having the worst feelings of unworthiness you can have and use the left upper know to erase them, not to erase the memories of them but to take out the negativity.
[ KC] how do I use the knob to erase it?
[DrLawlis] Just turn the knob slowly in the clockwise motion (or backwards). Just find that frequency.
[ KC] it is like the negativity is being erased/washed from my heart and I cannot connect to it
[ KC] I cannot connect to the negativity anymore
[DrLawlis] PEWRFECT! Now begin to breathe in long breaths to lock the eraser in.
[ KC] ok, my heart feels open and spacious
[DrLawlis] Let it just be ste for another minute and turn it off and tell me how you feel.
[ KC] ok, I feel more loving, more centered and more optimistic
[DrLawlis] Great! now I want to make a point here is that the BAUD doesn't solve the problems but it will cut out the paralyzing emotions. So if I were working with you on this issue, the next time you delt with this issue, you would not have that emotion that detours you. Do you see how you might use it for your patients?
[ KC] I think so--the BAUD helps w/ the paralyzing emotions so that people then have more clarity for problem solving
[DrLawlis] RIGHT! It can also help with other issues as well, but I think as a tool in tehrapy this is a great way to help people. Birdman, don't meanto neglect you.
[tf2] You still there Birdman???
[DrLawlis] Kim, if you follow those basic steps, you can get creative along theway. Does this help you start?
[ KC] yes--is there a difference for cravings/addictions
[DrLawlis] Addicts will have cravings for the substances they are addicted to, but cdraving goes beyond addictions, per se. You can have addictions to chocolate, Dr. Peppers, etc. I believe that the great majority of smokers have cravings but are not addicted.
[ KC] so in using the BAUD for cravings do you work with the anxiety that arises when the person imagines the substance but imagines not having it?
[ KC] or do you work with the anxiety that seems to drive the craving
[DrLawlis] Don't quite understand the question, but I work with the emotion that keeps people in prison. If I do undertsand the push-pull question, I think it isusually the push and drive for the craving.
[ KC] so if I were addicted/craving chocolate you would have have me connect to the emotions that keep me in the prison of not being free in whether or not I choose to eat chocolate?
[DrLawlis] That would be my best answer, depending on the patient. If they can release the drive mechanism that put them in the tail-spin, then they can gain control and problem-solve.
[ KC] Thanks! It seems to me that with practice in using the BAUD there would be many ways to use it--as you said be creative.
[DrLawlis] It is about time to end our discussion, but do yiu have any more questions I migyt answer later?
[ KC] I can't wait to practice more on myself and my friends--my only other question is about a date for a live training if that is set up Thanks so much!
[DrLawlis] We are working on it urgently because a lot of people are as excited as you and me. We will let you know, and I am planning on a regular chat on Mondays. It hasbeen great talking with you and I would bet that you are a great therapist.
[ KC] Thanks so much--talk to you next mon!
[tf2] Kim... it was a pleasure, and thanks for sharing to show how to use the BAUD!

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